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Sunday, April 26, 2009 Y 9:00 AM

been reali reali missing for reali real long time.... believe that no1's cummin on to read the ongoings of mi as i've already stopped visiting ppls's blog... doesnt reali matter to mi.. for whole of this 1 yr many stuff happened.... ended my "not so long relationship wif elephant, getting on fine wif my life now... n fallen out wif my so call 'brothers' who dun simply hab the basic trust n confidence in mi.... u dun simply come up to mi n ask of wat happened to mi n her after so long n since u peers says u're not interested in my sad stories.... some stuff juz simply happen for sum reasons n it happened right from the day i ended it.... n since u would rather buy stories of others then i dun think n feel i will hab the need to defend myself.... no right's n wrong's as its already over n done... congrats on ur wedding n may u live a blissful life after... i'm oso going to another chapter of my life n i'm sure this chapter of my life hab already ended.. i gave up alot for some, messed up my life, screw up for 1 whole yr, hurting n being hurt by ppl around mi is simply not a fun n interesting phrase to go thru but i suppose it's all being put to an end now except for 1 particular matter... i apologize for all hurtful stuff i've done.. I'm Reali SO Sorry... N for all who stood by mi all long, i reali thank u alot!! its reali very much appreciated.. wif this last post here, i wish, all the best n wateva u do n do ur best n wateva u do... take care! God bless...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 Y 7:19 PM

pix from car show.. hehee... gonna take pixs of my figurine n post up next... n after that.........................

Friday, October 17, 2008 Y 1:59 PM

i was rape during the wee morning of today....
and i dun like ppl to disturb mi when i'm slpin!!
its juz a simple matter so dun think too much folks!
more updates later in the nite if the bleeding managed to stop...

Thursday, October 9, 2008 Y 9:35 PM

from the pixs u ppl can know that i'm quite "happening" these few weeks.... went F1 wif *Des.. free entry.. thanks brudder for bringin mi in.. u peers should go hear the engines roar no its ROAR if u do hab the chance!! powerful sia! more powerful than live range sound.... ear plug r a muz if u're going!!.... u wun wan to hurt ur ear drums... then its followed by meeting M1 to celebrate Mr *Monkey's birthday.. or should say belated as he's not free on children's day... watched e movie, Eagle Eye.. not bad la... worth the cinema weekend price... took tons of pixs but its not on my cam.... my cam onli a few.... ): so limited pix posted.... haben receive those precious pictures yet... as usual went drinking after the movie again.... n again.... hahaa... wonderful nite i should say.. its reali relaxing n fun.. then last week met up of one of mi poly buddy, *ling to hab dinner... kinda seems to mit her up often lately.. went TM gai gai then decided to dine @ Seoul Garden... been very very very very long since i hab Seoul garden.. ate till we're both very very bloated.. hahaa... wat a seat we hab as while eating we still hab free show to watch.. but after watchin u might not even or continue to hab ur food... rite *ling?? hahahaa... think we AK used to always go Seoul Garden during sec skool.... sigh.. precious old skool memories... then few days backed went out wif another Pri skool fren *hongling.... another dinner n movie... 2 movies in 4 days.. watched Hua Pi.. Painted skin.... erm.. been quite some time since i watched chinese film le... n the story line is juz like all other normal love story... neither here nor there.... so if u hab watch.. get the Dvd instead.... okie.. i've been staring on the monitor for hrs le.. eyes r reali tired now.. time to let my precious eyes rest~... take care peers... ohh.. b4 i forget.. another fren of mine hab juz set up a online shop... selling clothes for ladies.... so do check her site out... address is http://danitylady.blogspot.com/...

Sunday, September 28, 2008 Y 5:32 PM

Thursday, September 25, 2008 Y 12:18 AM

seem like mi the groom?? hahaha!.. keep in view for more.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008 Y 3:31 AM

after so many monthS of same of songs... think its time for another playlist... (: hab been getting more n more tired easily... sigh.. ppl out there do take care!...

Sunday, September 14, 2008 Y 3:03 PM

m i counted lucky or unlucky?? saw something quite interesting this earli morning.... n my guess was all right... my guess were all right once i reached that place... known that area too well, simply too well.... nvm.. over n done as i believe Some will come read UN invitedly... i've got nothing much to hide... wat aches on the most is e current situation.......


又一轮美丽月亮, 又一段幸福时光, 又一次真诚祝福.

Y 12:20 AM

When the nights are dark, the quietness shall so cast
Its desolateness- an emptiness that much more vast

When all is quiet, the solitude deafens that much more
Echoing the loneliness to the very core

But somewhere in the dimmness, a light so does shine
an incandescence to soften the darkess of the heart and mind

And in its illumination there is a hope which enables one to bear
any such obliqueness that may so despair

A cast of light, a reflection from up high
The lunar glow from up the very sky

And if that moon can shed a luminosity so bright
So that obscurities vanish, and brings enlightment to plain sight

Then if that is such, then let it be a start
To let the night-time come....

Happy Mid Autumn Folks!

Saturday, September 13, 2008 Y 10:49 PM

new clip out on the blog.. been so long since i posted clips le.. its for all ex Greenviewans to watch.. hahaa... especially ex Greenview band Members... we sure dun sound that good but least we're enjoying ourselves.. hahaaa... enjoy the clip!

Friday, September 12, 2008 Y 6:20 PM

wah!.. today is oso another tiring day for mi!.... mi woke up @ 10 to see the doc... first time to his clinic n i think it will be last.. so un POLITE doctor... knn.... 1st time came over such a stupid doc...muz be wife last nite dun gib him so he's so pissed of earli morning.... took medicine of running nose n cough from him.... went back home, took bread then forgot to eat medicine.. was chatting wif a fren then this fren reminded mi to take medicine.. if not i sure forget to take... hahaaha... then i did spring cleaning for my room!.. rearrange all my stuffs! including the funitures... wahahaa.... cleared all eye sores items! vaccum n mop the floor, wash the fans.. wipe the cupboards n d thick thick dust on my piano... cannot imagine that my room is SO filled wif dust... corners n top edge of the celling.... hahaa... its so clean now!!.... dust level was cut up to 75%..... okie... mum's nagging mi to go eat her rice she fried n follow by my medicine... motherly love... Greatest LOVE!.....

Y 12:32 AM

mi finally going to pay the doctor a visit first thing tomolo... i reali cannot stand my nose running... running since monday... reali shag mi out sia.. n my throat n lungs... majiam wan mi cough them out then they'll be happy lor!! i think i need a major overhaul le lor..... tot i juz went for a health body check up n the doctor certified mi as healthy!? somemore mi cut quite alot on alcohol n cigarettes le lor!.... juz bout barely a month i need a major overhaul le lor... knn.... hahaa.. after bout 1 month.. my mum finally cooked the bag of prawns which i prawn last month.. n she doesnt know that it was actually mi n frens catch 1 till i told her.... hahaa... steamy nice prawns.... after going to see doc... i'll be going down to hab my hair cut... simply too long n messy n thick till mi buay tarhan le lor.... buzi day for mi tomolo.... n if i'm in good mood.. i'll even head down to hab a nite over @ their hse.... packed last week, sibeh free this week... sigh......

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 Y 6:47 PM

oh man... think i'm getting sick!... or should i rephrase it to, i think i m sick!... my nose is trying to away from mi.... seems that its doesn't like mi anymore.... my throat is getting to be sore too... hab i been ill treating myself lately? i dun think so leh, certainly not my cup of T to ill treat myself lor..... its been so long since i'm sick..... i wan go see doctor.....

Sunday, September 7, 2008 Y 10:44 PM

tiring week indeed.... been so so so sO SO SOO long since i hab a week filled with activites! from Monday to SunDay.... Song bo??... SKIOK la!!
last sat went Sim lim to service my PC then went Ktv @ downtown which is currently more known as E-hub... went wif choo n a ex colleague from changi cargo complex.... yeap right after i service my pc.. took cab down as PC could weigh a ton!! sibeh tiring carrying it here n there... saw some1 there while singing... sharp eyes i've got... saw Jacinda n peihuan.... walked to their room n they were quite surprise to see mi.. hahaaa... sung till 12 then went home wif choo to hab some wine... wine but no whine... hahahaa... been some time since i drink... red wine's the best!!

then sun coma as usual!

monday, went jogging... trying to lead a healthy lifestyle nowadays.... think i'm getting old.. jog short distance sweat like i've jog for least 10km lor.. hahhaaa... feels good to sweat at times!

tuesday, met up wif my poly frens... robin n beng... another fren went into army so cant mit us... we're the acapella 4 in our class at that time... without us the class would be so peaceful lor..... went to hab a simple dinner @ PS.. then find a place to chit chat tok cock... when 3 of us r together, comfirm will be non stop rubbish flying around....

Wed think i met up wif des to help out wif some stuff....

Thurs, met up wif sec skool classmate for dinner.. went sakae sushi... reservation was made to skip the long queue at bugis without my knowledge... knn, dun my fren know i dun take jap food?? i onli take jap food made by onli onli uncle, a Chef from 6 STARS hotel.... ;)

Fri, met up wif my Pri skool frens again... yes.. again... this time round we went ktv.... went MS for dinner @ kenny rogers then walked to suntec for 7 hrs of ktv.... started wif 9 ppl, 3 left @ 11, left wif 6.... another 3 left @ 2, so left wif 3 another 1 left @ 3 so left mi n another ger... last man n woman standing till 4..... then she came over somewhere near my place to continue drinking wif mi as she still dun feel like going home... hahaa.. drank till 6... its sibeh sibeh tiring lor!!

sat was intended to go fishing wif army fren but i was simply too too TOO tired to wake up after a long nite of drinking so i asked them to count mi out this time round.... so paisay lor... so rested home.. till evening went out wif choo to get some stuff as he's leaving for china mid this month....

sunday which is today.. went to another's fren hse warming.. @ Jurong!! thats so SO far... cozy n nice love nest... kinda lost at jurong.... hahaaa.. guess who i saw today.. sigh.. i saw her mum.... small world la... exchanged few words onli.. maybe i can call up her mum to get back my pix hor.... still thinking.... wat's useless to her might not be useless to mi, not a heartless man....

so its a reali tiring week.. packed wif lotsa stuff n pocket reali burn big time!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008 Y 3:10 PM

i'm finally backed!!! any 1 miss mi?? guess its a NO from the tag board..... been missing for some time as my PC of 5 yrs died on mi... wonder how my sis use it.... mi used so long nothing happens, wheneva she used sure bout to hab fault for mi to clear after it.... wats the cause of the down? haha... brought it down to sim lim to troubleshoot... at first the technician tried powering on it.. there power running but screen shows up nothing on mon nor hab the sure hab beep sound, so he suspect mum's board fault, open a new mum board, test again, no beep sound still, change a new ram for me n test once more... knn still not pix or beep sound.... finally then he suspect is power box as theres nothing more to change le... so took a new power box, tata!! it revived!! hahaaa... not crashes of hard dish... damn happy.. dun wanna lose another batch of PHOTOS! so after so much trouble, it onli cost mi to pay 50 bucks for the power supply box n troubleshooting fee.... damn broke now.... sibeh sain.... will try update more frequently now.... somehow i think its getting sibeh dusty.... maybe should throw in some salt n pepper... muz learn to be a selfish small eyed guy!... sibeh buay kia lang tulan!

Sunday, August 10, 2008 Y 7:24 PM

our lovely organizer for the gathering

the one on the right is someone i always copy homework n help mi cheat in mini tests from in pri skool, a fren since PPD! 19 yr old fren!

on left is e onli pri skool fren who is now a trainee teacher n right is some1 i managed to find her thru facebook, lost contact for years wif them.

turtle's expired bottle of fruit juice for mi thru the nite...

gimme ur best smile!

i like this shot taken by miself.. interesting....

the birthday cake

presents opening time

yeap i used newpaper as wrappers... enviroment friendly!

steam boat time!

finally back to blog.... so tired slept all the way till 1630 today... hahaa.. been SO long since i slp till so late... SHIOK..... hahaa.. so happy, last fri i did not spent it alone myself.... had a PRIMARY SCHOOL mates gathering the the playground aka the big splash...... its a night filled wif laughter! 7bois + 6gers + food + kopi - miscommunication x past memories - waiting time = one fun pri skool gathering! thanks to *Stef for making this gatherin a success!... nice date to meet up too... 080808.... it was bout 4 yrs since we met up, n eva since we left pri skool, we onli meet up once every 4 yrs.... hahaaa... i certainly hope the next meeting wun be another four yrs later... by then we're all uncles n aunties le lor... hahahahaa!! *Stef, when's our next meeting all depands on u le lor.... then on sat went over to *Rabbit n *Turtle nest to celebrate *Turtle's & August baby's birthday, which is on 20.08.2008 nice date too.. hahaa... hab an ealier celebration due to some unknown reason... nvm.. had steamboat there... after steamboat we played the old usual game of *SK, Taboo then the guys had another round of RISK.. while the ladies had their mahjong session.... thanks *turtle for opening a bottle of ur "collection" of red wine for mi to enjoy!! was quite nice... too bad it hab to be serve in disposable plastic cups.. n thank Mr *pig to sent mi home... argh.. i'm reali tired..... not enuff slp for mi this week!.... hoping next week shall be a better week!.. take care ppl!


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